Sri Lankan Government is in a Big Drive to promote Solar Power usage and they implement the same through
“Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority” & “Ceylon Electricity Board” two sister arms comes under Ministry of Power & Energy. If anyone wishes to install a Solar system in Sri Lanka they should fall under one of the following streams…

a.)  Roof Top Solar Installation – This can be either a Roof of a Residence or can be a Commercial or Industry roof. All these installations need to obtain the CEB/LECO consent prior to fixing any solar system on your roof top. If you have a Single Phase Power connection the Maximum system you can fix on your roof is limited to 5kw. If your residence is powered with 3Phase 30Amp connection the Maximum system you can fix on your roof is limited to 20kw. Also if your residence is powered with a 3Phase 60Amp connection you can fix a system not more than 42kw. But we must keep in mind the limitations of the roof area.

For Industries or large scale Institutions with a Transformer & Bulk Supply of Electricity you can fix 80% of the capacity of the Transformer if the roof area is adequate. All these systems needs to obtain initial consent of the CEB/LECO as the first priority.

b.)  Large Scale Solar Farms -- Solar farms are implemented through Government Tender Procedures and they are ground mounted systems which consumes lot of land area and locations are either decided by the Government or Bidders which are essentially to be close by to CEB/LECO sub stations.,

c.)  7000 Mini Solar Farms of 75kw each – Government has called for tenders to implement 7000 systems of 75kw mini solar farms in small plots of lands close by to CEB/LECO transformers spreaded in right throughout the country.

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