•           1.0   ON GRID SOLAR  SYSTEMS,

    We have On grid solar systems ranging from 1kw to 1000kw and more ...and there is no upper limit. 

    On-grid or grid-tie solar systems are by far the most common and widely used by homes and businesses.
These systems do not need batteries and use common solar inverters and are connected to the public
electricity grid. Any excess solar power that you generate is exported to the electricity grid and you usually
    get paid     a feed-in-tariff  for the energy you export.

    All our OnGrid systems comes with” Selected” Inverters and "Selected"  Solar panels. Capacity of the system can be decided based on current consumption pattern of the customer and based on what CEB /Lanka Electricity Company     recommends. 

           Our Inverter Brands -- Solis, Growatt & Fronius Comes with 10 year Warranty

Our Solar Panel Brands ; Infinity, Chint , Jinko, Risen &  Yingli Comes with 12 to 20 years Product Warranty & 25 years lenier performance warranty....Comes from the world best manufacturers,